VGA cable vs. plastic foil overkill

This time a serious case of plastic packaging overkill...a simple VGA cable - is it really necessary to cover a dumb cable in such an amount of wasted resources?

That´s how it looks like when it comes out of the box:

Steps to get the cable out...

a) Remove two rubber bands

b) Unwrap two connector cover foils

c) Remove first two plastic coated wires (they hold the cable inside its plastic bag)

d) Remove plastic bag

e) Remove third plastic coated wire (it holds the cable together)

f) (Optional step, if you actually still want to use the quite outdated VGA cable and do not throw it away instantly - I´m sure many will do just that and buy a new, again plastic-wrapped Displayport or HDMI cable =-) Remove plastic cover caps from vga connectors

Well, well, Mr. Plastic is not amused:

If you notice a comparable case of plastic packaging overkill and if you are (hopefully) discontent with this kind of waste of material, too, try to do something against it. Contact the producer of your hardware and ask them to use a more environment-friendly material for wrapping / protecting their products during delivery. Plastic is quite eternal seen from a (biological) decomposer´s view. It is a shame that such a valuable substance like oil is used for single-use packaging.

greetings noq2