TomTom Go battery replacement

Replacing the battery of TomTom Go GPS systems

Many TomTom navigation systems of the TomTom Go product line are out of warranty by now and flawed by some nasty problems with their batteries. Either the units are only working for a short amount of time after the loading cable has been detached or the batteries are dead and don´t hold any power at all. As it is quite easy to revive the devices by simply replacing the faulty battery, I made a short walktrough based upon my TomTom GO LIVE 1000 system.

For getting the device open, gently remove the specifications stickers near the USB port and get the two torx 5 screws out. Then use some fine tweezers to get the SIM card out of its hidden slot (left side of the picture below).

Use an old credit card or some plastic clips to pry the case open on each of its four sides - work carefully and slowly and don´t damage the cable connectors inside the case.

Depending on your model, there will be some connector cables (Display / Touchscreen, Sound,...left side on the below picture...). Release them by gently pushing them off with a small piece of (preferably) non-conducting plastic or a toothstick or something.

This is how your device may look like then (see the red/black loudspeaker cable and orange display module connector on the right side of the device?):

(TomTom Go LIVE 1000)

Now get the battery out by loosening its connector and prying the battery upwards. You may have to loosen all of the logic board´s screws a bit to get it out. Take care not to bend and break anything.

After you got the battery out check its type and specs and search for a replacement on ebay or in some specialized online stores. I got my replacement battery from ebay:

Finally reassemble the device with the new battery. Afterwards my TomTom Go system worked just as if it was new - here the battery percentage after two hours of continuous use:

Please feel free to leave a comment here, if this howto proved helpful for you =-)

greetings noq2