Thinkpad "Retro" sticker the DIY way

A fast and easy "mod" to get the nice "Thinkpad Retro" logo sticker (applicable for all Thinkpads ~ from the years 2007 until 2014, e.g. T400, X220 or X230):

  1. Remove the two stickers of the screen backcover and palmrest.

  2. Print out the linked RGB sticker background to a (preferably) very thin sheet of printer paper - print resolution is 1600 dpi (printout size should thus be 48.21 mm x 12.06 mm or 1.897 inch x 0.475 inch): RGB sticker background

  1. The logo sticker is two parts -> Gently separate the top from the silver bottom layer using a razor blade. Slide in the cut-out RGB sticker.

  1. Press the three sticker layers firmly together.

  1. Apply the stickers.

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