Replacing a Festina Chrono Movement

Replacing a Festina Chrono Movement

In late March I received this Festina chronograph from a friend. The first pic shows my faithful Jaxa case opener (got it from a fleamarket for some 15 € or so ;-)

As always the Jaxa proved helpful for getting the somewhat corroded caseback off.

As the quartz chronograph movements - here a Citizen Miyota OS60 - are a little frustrating to repair (some breakable plastic gears, stepper motors that do what they want and so on) but also not really expensive, I decided to replace the whole movement. See the new one on the right...

The following two pics show the corrosion under the lunette before cleaning...

...and here after cleaning.

And here the dirty push pieces. Note the four tiny gaskets for getting the watch watertight.

I replaced and greased them, as you can see in the following picture (from bottom up: button -> spring -> washer -> gasket 1 -> gasket 2) .

The final pic shows the finished watch. I also renewed the colour of the numbers on the lunette ring.

greetings noq2