Porta watch - back from the dead

I found this old German Porta watch on a fleamarket and got it for a 2 € coin - just because I wanted the challenge (probably).

The strap looked bad, too...

...and I needed a strong wirecutter to get rid of it:

The crystal was, well, broken:

Surprise - the movement, a PUW 1461 (cheap but durable and reliable) looked better than antecipated.

Not so much in the details:

As I still had kept a perfectly working and compatible PUW 1561 as a spare, I continued with this one.


First, I removed the rotor.

The blue encircled wheel provides birectional winding (the rotor just slides it from one side to another and couples it with the respective gears - an excellently simple solution)

Automatic winding parts removed...

Starting dial-side teardown.

Cannon pinion out of the way.

Spring of date wheel retention removed.

Date disc removed.

Keyless works #1.

Keyless works #2.

Balance wheel and cock before removal.

Almost done...

Underside of wheel train bridge.

Reassembly and finishing of the watch

Uhmmm - I forgot to take pictures of the reassembly, but the next picture shows what became of the backside of the case:

The front isn´t bad either - nice and shiny with a new crystal:

Yes, it is indeed the same stainless steel case - and yes, I´m guilty of removing the original sunburst finish of the case. And in this case I don´t care :-) I think it really works.

Originally the watch didn´t have lume at all - time to give it some "enlightenment".

Now the finished watch- not bad considering from where I started.

Under darker conditions the watch can unfold all of its newly-gained futuristic glory...

greetings noq2