Plastic film galore

Another disadvantage of a glossy finish...

Hardware with a glossy finish is prone to being covered by fingerprints and scratches after a few month of use - you may know it from your own gadgets and probably hate it (aesthetic can be seen as a form of built-in obsolescence - I recommend this article on gizmondo from 2011 for further reading). Another point of concern of polished surfaces, however, is the necessity to protect them during shipping to the customer. The plastic film which is used for this is not only somewhat annoying (electrostatic stickiness...), imo it is also plastic waste which could be avoided with at least *some* more intelligent (or more responsible) product design...

As an example for a totally unnecessary use of a glossy finish (and thus plastic protective film), I want to show you this HP computer mouse I got today. The glossy spots at the sides have no function at all. It doesn´t look significantly better with them and it even decreases the functionality a bit as the surface feels "wet" after some some time due to sweating.

Here is the protective film...unnecessary plastic waste? What do you think?

greetings noq2