My new microscope setup

Leica Wild M8 Zoom

After many years of waiting / saving money for it, I finally acquired a new stereo microscope, a Leica Wild M8 with zoom lens system (6 - 50-fold). I will equip it with a new do-it-yourself illumination system as the standard halogen light-based systems get to hot, loud (active cooling!) and consume way too much power in my opinion. In addition, I plan to write about a small camera adapter - also a diy-model - I plan to use with it. As it will take a few articles to descibe everything, I will add a new category ´microscopy´. Next, a number of first-impression sample shots...just to get you hooked (hopefully =-)

The first picture shows microprinted "10s" on a 10 € banknote (sorry for the lack of a scale):

ESA 9154 Dynotron watch movement with electronically controlled balance wheel (colourful isn´t it?).

This is a 512 KBit EPROM microchip (M27C512) - a 30-legged freak with its fine wire bonds (everything visible through the little window for erasing by UV light).

Overall, the optical quality of this microscope - it can actually be seen as a vintage device for it has been designed in the 1970s - is absolutely outstanding and I look forward to working with it.

greetings noq2