Keep it cool with Gelid GC-Extreme?

Most of the time I´m using cheap "Amasan" heatsink paste to keep my CPUs or GPUs cool (this exceptionally affordable paste is intended for standard industrial purposes, such as cooling down transistors and standard CPUs). Gelid GC-Extreme - the high-performance thermal grease shown here - has been developed with the hardware enthusiasts and overclockers in mind (or those with too much money =-). 1 kilogram costs from 1500 to 2000 € (depending upon your sources of supply), so I decided to go for a smaller amount, a mere 10 grams would have to suffice for me. This is the box...

As with most synthetic products of creamy substance today (especially beauty-oriented products, "body urea" and other things like that...), the packaging promises more content than you will receive in the end.

The jar with the 10 grams (I assume it felt somewhat lost when it was shipped in this (comparatively, of course) huge paper box) as well as a small spade for application.

The 10 grams of thermal grease had a lot of free space, too (I assume I would have preferred a cheaper and more environmentally sustainable package for this tiny amount of material *cough*). As for applying the paste I can say that it works pretty well - not as good as butter (or "Amasan") but it sticks better to the smooth chip / die surfaces than other expensive thermal greases I have used so far (including e.g. ARCTIC MX2, which is seen as a pretty great product, too). More on the heat dissipation capabilities in a future post.

greetings noq2