Environmental pollution with...CDs

Environmental pollution with...CDs

After buying new server hardware you always end up with producing a lot of waste. I will omit to complain about the tons of mostly petroleum-based package material here. I will just talk about the *quite* unnecessary additions. The following pic shows driver and manual stuff as the aftermath after we got three new IBM servers.

It were nine (nine!) CDs - each packaged with a small info paper in a plastic wrapping (the ninth CD is missing on the photo, as it was already disposed of). What I will probably never understand here is why do hardware manufactures still add driver cds/dvds - sometimes with nothing but manuals on them *headbang* - and / or printed manuals to their products. Why? Both - drivers and manuals will most likely be already revisioned and thus obsolete when the hardware arrives with the customer. Why not just print a Download-Quicklink on the package for those who need it (maybe just Windows admins).

Help save the environment by stopping this abuse of resources - send your hardware manufacturer an email and complain about it, if you feel the same. Because CDs are produced from precious Polycarbonate, consider collecting and recycling them, too.

greetings noq2