Dugena ladies watch

This time a pretty worn Dugena ladies watch from the late 1960s.

The timegrapher´s dot chaos suggests the necessity for a full service...

Some debris coming out:

But the movement - a reliable Dugena 1220 (actually a relabeled PUW 1075E) - is still in a quite decent condition.

Dial removed:

Here the keyless works:

Without a date or day-date function, everything is pretty easy accessible / repairable.

The balance wheel and the mainspring barrel are roughly the same size - they warrant for good timekeeping over more than a day.

Ready for cleaning:

Here a detail shot of the mainspring inside its barrel...

...it´s "S"-shaped and a lot longer than one might think:

Mainspring barrel and wheel train lie under separate bridges. This also allows for taking the watch apart easily (the Eurocent coin highlights the miniature dimensions of this movement).

A first test on the timegrapher already shows that things seem to get right...

And then the fully-wound and regulated watch just delivers...

The final shot shows the finished movement and dial back in a cleaned case and with a polished crystal:

greetings noq2