Dell Venue tablet - plastic protection overkill

This is the the AC adapter plastic protection of a Dell Venue 11 tablet from 2015 - but I assume they still "protect" them like that in 2016. So where is the point: I think wrapping stuff up in plastic just because of a glossy look sucks (it will start looking shitty within a year with micro scratches all around...planned cosmetic obsolescence).

Let´s check it in detail. We have an AC adapter that is *actually* already protected by the box the tablet comes in. Does it need further protection beyond that, mhh? It might still be okay if it comes in the plastic foil to the left (assuming that the adapter is produced and delivered separately...).

The top and bottom sides with the connectors are glossy...inserting the cables can and will thus easily produce scratches over time. Both sides feature an additional - quite useless - protective foil.

Just as the matt finished body of the AC is matt! Not glossy...why has it protective foil at all. Why is´t the whole adapter designed like that? Questions only Dell could possibly my opinion just a waste of resources.

greetings noq2